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For some reason the app store suggested this to me in order to open a file, IT IS A SCAM DO NOT DOWNLOAD. COMPLETELY USELESS AND ONLY TRIES TO SELL YOU SOMETHING.

Does this App violate the App Store agreement?

Open File splashes a "Promo Window" on the screen when opened, ironically trying to sell “FREE DOWNLOAD” antivirus software. I’m hoping and assuming this violates the App Store agreement. If not, it should.


I thought that this app would like to help me open any files, while it didn't exactly. So SAD about it, I could not open my own files, asp , caj and so forth.

Horrible App - Nag Ware

Have found no use for this app. It nags you you buy some more software. How do I delete it? It is embeded somwehere in the system with no obvious way to locate it. The developer is in the UK and wants all kinds of personal info in resposne to a tech support question. Apple - this is a scam. Take it down and tell us how to get rid of it.


Would give this 0 stars if possible. Just discovered this app when it tried to update. I don’t know how it got on my mac- I never downloaded it. Low life scammers.

It only wanted me to download something else!

I found the App store suggested this app to identify a file. I downloaded and opened a file with it. I immediately got a claim that my computer was corrupted with a virus. No interest in identifying the desired file. Going to delete it ASAP!


This is an ad for an antivirus program and possibly spyware. Avoid


do not download would give 0 it is virus or malwareit wont uninstall please fix Apple

Waste of Time

As soon as I installed the application and attempted to open a file with it, I received an alert to download Thor and that my computer may be infected. It’s just software that being made to extort you. I hope Apple takes this application down.

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